Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small data file that is stored on your terminal device. Cookies are used to analyze user interest in our websites and help make them more user-friendly. You may in general access our websites without cookies as well. If you, however, wish to use the full functionality of our websites in the most user-friendly manner, you should accept the cookies that enable the use of certain functions or provide convenience features. The intended purpose of the cookies we use is shown in the list that follows.

By using our websites, you consent to the use of those cookies that your browser accepts based on your browser settings. You may, however, set your browser to notify you before cookies are accepted, to accept or reject only certain cookies, or to reject all cookies. You are furthermore able to delete cookies from your storage medium at any time.

Permanent Cookies (Technically Necessary System Cookies)

ImiÄ™ Retention Time Purpose
.AspNet.ApplicationCookie Expires at the end of the session or after 7 days if user chooses "Stay signed in" option. This cookie is used to identify user sessions for secure areas. It contains encrypted and signed claims about the user.
__RequestVerificationToken Expires at the end of the session. This cookie is used to store a security token that helps to prevent cross site request forgery.

Optional cookies (tracking cookies for website analyses)

This cookie is used to analyze user behavior on our website using the web analytics solution Piwik PRO. It appears under the names "_pk_id", "_pk_ses", "ppms_privacy", "stg". All collected data are analyzed anonymously.

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